DSV Supply Chain Finance

Bank-independent procurement finance – pay your suppliers immediately and extend your own payment terms –


DSV A/S in collaboration with Tradico AG enables its customers to finance import shipments in a digital, flexible and transparent way after the goods have been picked up from the supplier.

One-stop shop for your import shipments

Improve not only the goods flow in your supply chain but also your financial flow for all import shipments.

Individual shipment financing

Maximum flexibility through the pre-financing of individual shipments conveniently through the DSV track & trace interface.

Competitive and transparent prices

No registration fees, no minimum financing amount or additional loan securities - one price with no hidden fees.


Your supplier receives immediate payments and you benefit from extended payment terms of up to 120 days – a clear win-win situation for all parties!

No registration fees or other fixed costs

Register for free within 10 minutes and use our solution whenever you need it and without any hidden fees.

Balance seasonal demand fluctuations

Seasonal fluctuations in demand lead to liquidity challenges – use our complementary solution and optimize your liquidity.

Developed for SME companies

One import shipment per week? No problem! The solution was specifically designed for SMEs and thus allows maximum flexibility.

Extended payment terms

We purchase the goods directly from your supplier and extend your payment period by 30, 60, 90 or 120 days – according to your individual needs.

Stronger negotiating position

The immediate supplier payment is a plus for your company image and your negotiating position – use it to negotiate better conditions and early payment discounts.

No additional loan security

In comparison with financial institutions we do not require additional loan securities and can therefore help you achieve unconstrained levels of growth.

No risk of default

The immediate payment reduces the risk of default for your supplier – use this new added value to negotiate early payment discounts with your supplier.

Immediate payment

Your supplier receives immediate payments - a plus for your supplier relationsship, your company image and your negotiating position.

Free of charge

The process is completely free of charge for suppliers and does not require any registration. Only the commercial invoice has to be issued to Tradico (see below).


Register free of charge within 10 minutes and manage your invoices conveniently online.


Register online within 10 minutes

Create an account on the Tradico platform and upload the required financial documents for the credit check through Tradico. The financial documents are transmitted encrypted to Tradico and analyzed by Tradico (100 % subsidiary of Bank Frick) in strict confidence - DSV has no viewing/access options into the transmitted financial documents.


Negotiate trade terms with your supplier

Negotiate trade terms with your supplier according to your standard process and mention Tradico as the invoice addressee / recipient for the supplier invoice in your purchase order. This is required due to legal reasons and to ensure correct processing of the incoming payment from Tradico.


Ship goods by air, sea or road

Your procured goods will be picked up at the suppliers warehouse through DSV and delivered to your final delivery address according to the standard operational process. Our procurement finance solution is independently run and therefore does not affect any operational processes and can be used for any transport mode (air, sea or road).


Select your DSV import reference and upload the supplier invoice

Once the purchased goods have been picked up the procurement finance process can be initiated. Simply login to our platform, select your DSV import reference and upload your supplier invoice. Invoice amounts up to EUR 500'000 will be processed within 48 hours.


Tradico pays your supplier

Tradico pays your supplier directly within 48 hours enabling you to benefit from potential early payment discounts. Our platform now generates at the same time automatically a new invoice to your account including our financing fee and the new due date.


Settle the new Tradico invoice after new payment terms

Settle the new invoice once the amount is due and release the occupied credit limit to finance further procurements. If you feel the need for a larger credit limit please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for re-evaluating your individual needs.


Below you will find two typical business cases that visualize the potential of our solution:

You purchase raw materials from your supplier in Italy, which are transported and processed internally for 10 days. Due to the payment period of 30 days which you grant your customers you require bridging liquidity for 10 to 30 days.

Our solution for european imports: No bridging liquidity is required and your profit can be increased significantly by fully taking advantage of early payment discounts.

Here you can find the detailed example for imports from Europe 

You purchase spare parts from your supplier in China, which are transported by sea freight for 40 days. Due to the payment period of 30 days that you grant your customers you require bridging liquidity for 40 to 60 days.

Our solution for global imports: No bridging liquidity is required and your profit can be increased significantly by fully taking advantage of early payment discounts.

Here you can find the detailed global import example


DSV Supply Chain Finance solution requires the following conditions:


Non-perishable goods

Goods are non-perishable and imported into a country that offers DSV Supply Chain Finance services.


Transported through DSV

Goods were picked up at the warehouse of your supplier and the DSV import reference is available.


Invoice recipient Tradico*

Tradico mentioned as the invoice recipient on your supplier invoice.

* This is required for legal reasons and also enables the supplier to process the incoming payment quickly and correctly.

Invoice recipient

Tradico AG, Industriering 40, 9491 Ruggell, Liechtenstein

Frequent Questions (FAQ)

A good feeling is important – please therefore feel free to reach out to us anytime!

The solution is currently in the pilot phase and is being tested with a small number of customers. Are you interested in participating as a pilot customer? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

The pilot phase is currently being carried out in Switzerland. After a successful pilot phase the solution is planed to be rolled out to Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Tradico AG was founded in 2015 and is a 100% subsidiary of Bank Frick based in Liechtenstein. Tradico has built a highly scalable and automated platform that specifically serves the needs of small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Tradico has currently more than 200 SME-customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that use their services.

The DSV track&trace integration allows customers to automatically pull shipment data into the platform and therefore speeds up the entire financing process. With the collaboration between DSV and Tradico each supplier invoice is linked to a corresponding DSV shipment which reduces the risk significantly.

DSV customers therefore benefit from reduced risk premiums combined with the strong negotiation power of DSV.

Tradico offers procurement finance in the form of FineTrading. It is not considered a financial transaction as Tradico acquires and sells the physical goods and not only the invoice claim as is the case with e.g. factoring.

The Tradico invoice can therefore be entered and booked as a normal accounts payable invoice.

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